Ideas that Work


Ellen has emphasized creative solutions to the issues that we face including:

  • Spearheaded the creation of the East Durham Children’s Initiative (EDCI) to provide cradle to career services in Durham’s poorest neighborhood to help more children succeed
  • Led the effort to purchase the New Hope Preserve, an unprecedented partnership between four local governments and two nonprofits
  • Spearheaded the creation of the award winning City-County Neighborhood College
  • Helped guide the effort to obtain funding for the East End Connector
  • Proposed greater use of technology to help the police and sheriff work smarter
  • Developed a proposal to work jail inmates on county projects, saving the county over $200,000 / year
  • Promoted greater accountability in school budgeting
  • Led efforts to use schools for recreation during non-school hours
  • Initiated the award winning SOS middle school after-school program
  • Spearheaded effort to create the Little River Community Park with Orange County
  • Helped start the Night Light program to provide greater supervision to juveniles on probation
  • Spearheaded the preparation of Durham’s Transportation Demand Management Plan and Action Strategy that has achieved the goal of   reducing peak hour congestion
  • Promoted the development of a System of Care for at-risk youth that is providing enhanced services and reducing treatment costs